Jeff’s 2018 Marathon Challenge!

Last year a very special friend of the Operation Cleft Australia, Jeff Wright of Melbourne, geared to run across continents to raise vital funds so we could provide free cleft lip/palate operations to underprivileged children born with this deformity. The campaign raised funds to provide four operations at AUD$300! We thank Jeff and the supporters from the bottom of our hearts!

We can’t keep a good man from running! And the need to raise funds to achieve OCA’s ‘1000 Smiles’ a year is still very crucial.

So in 2018, Jeff is planning to run again! He will be participating on a numerous Marathons throughout the year,  He will be running at King Island Imperial 20, Australian Running Festival in Canberra, Alice Springs, Melbourne and Portland Treble to continue to raise funds for Operation Cleft Australia!

Over 5000 children are born in Bangladesh each year with cleft palates. The medical system there doesn’t have the capacity to care for them and the condition can lead to infection, malnutrition and rejection by their communities. Operation Cleft raises funds to allow surgical repair for these kids to allow them to lead a normal life.

We hope you will join Jeff in his journey, support him and help Operation Cleft Australia continue to provide free cleft lip and palate surgeries for poor children in Bangladesh.

Please follow Jeff’s journey and support him – click here