There are many people who contribute to the success of Operation Cleft Australia.
The Operation Cleft Australia Australia Foundation Trust is managed by a committee of nine Rotarians, the majority of whom are from the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central.

There is one full-time staff member in Bangladesh who takes care of in-country administration and one part-time Fundraising Officer in Australia, who with the support of a team of volunteers, manages the project from our Melbourne office.
We also have a team of Operation Cleft Australia Ambassadors at various locations throughout Australia and overseas who promote the project in their districts.

These are the people who administer and promote the project but without the surgical team in Bangladesh who perform the surgery, and the hospitals at which they operate, there would be no project.
Each of these groups make a valuable contribution towards ensuring the growth and sustainability of Operation Cleft Australia.

Committee of Management

Committee of Management

Operation Cleft is a project of the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central (District 9810) and is administered by the Operation Cleft Australia Foundation Trust, which is administered by a management committee.

Bruce McEwen
Committee Chair

Kath Ronan
Vice Chair

Andy Shaw
Executive Secretary

David Routledge

Geoff Limmer
Committee member

Kevin Dobson
Committee member

Ashley Coleman-Bock
Committee Member

Rosemary Castle
Committee member


Our Ambassadors are very important members of the Operation Cleft team. Ideally, we would like to have at least one Operation Cleft representative in each Rotary District in Australia (in some cases two, depending on the size of the district).
These babies need our help and the only way we can help them is if you help us raise awareness of Operation Cleft and the essential funds needed to provide this life-changing surgery.
If there is no Ambassador in your area, please consider taking on this role yourself or nominating someone you feel would love to get involved with this unique Rotary project. You can help us make a huge difference to these children.

If you would like to hear more about Operation Cleft, our Ambassadors will be happy to have a chat to you or your club; please email us at info@operationcleft.org.au


How do I become an Operation Cleft Ambassador?

You can become an official Ambassador by requesting and completing an application form from info@operationcleft.org.au

Once your application/nomination is approved by the management committee, you will be sent an Ambassador Kit which includes current marketing materials – posters, brochures, newsletters etc.

Goodwill Ambassador

Md. Moinul Islam
Goodwill Ambassador



Our team of surgeons regularly perform their operations at “mini camps”. They consult at hospitals where there is no resident plastic surgeon and perform cleft repair surgery for 2 – 3 days. This is a unique training opportunity for resident surgeons and trainee plastic surgeons (registrars) to learn. The objectives of the training programme are to build on the strength of trainees and develop high level competencies in plastic and reconstructive surgery, ultimately increasing the number of qualified plastic surgeons in Bangladesh.

Assistant Professor,
Dr Abhi Kumar Chakraborty
Department of Paediatric Surgery


Dr. Sayeed Ahmed Siddiky


Surgical Outreach and Training Program

To re-inforce a solid training regime, Operation Cleft runs three to four major surgical outreach programs a year.  The aim of the surgical outreach program, is to take a team of qualified plastic surgeons to major cities outside Dhaka like Chittagong, Jessore or Sylhet. There we conduct surgical camps at which between 50 and 100 children are operated on. The team take a number of registrars with them for hands on training and the hospital at which the camp is scheduled, roster their registrars to act as surgical assistants. The training opportunity that these mini and major camps provides is invaluable to the medical profession in Bangladesh and ensures the expansion of plastic surgery as a future service available to the wider community.

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